Silent Snow Machine 500

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Rent a Professional silent artificial snow machine in Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona with 33 foot long hose for greater flexibility and control of your wither themed party or event

Rent a professional snow machine or snow blowing machine in Phoenix, Scottsdale of Tempe Arizona for snow or holiday parties and events in Arizona. Our silent high volume snow machine will make your event look amazing

Rent the Snow Machine 500 today for your next winter wonder land by calling 480-874-3470

Silent Snow Machine 500

Starting At:
$399.00 / 4 Hours when Delivered or 24 hours when picked up
Artificial snow fluid sold separately $7.99 per liter or $32 for 5 liters
*restrictions apply

 Our new Snow Machine 500 is a large capacity “Silent” operation snow machine housed in a durable road case with swivel casters and features a 5.2 gallon or 20-liter capacity fluid tank and a 33 foot or 10-meter long hose for easy rigging on a stand or truss. Scroll down for more photos of this amazing snow machine.

We also rent a high volume Snow Storm machine and a smaller more affordable snow machine so be sure to look around to compare our line of professional snow machines.

Each liter of snow fluid will last approximately 3 minutes on high and approximately 5-10 minuets of continues light snow fall. Artificial snow fluid is sold seperatly and not included in the rental price.  We will not refund or credit anyone for variances in output, performance, or fluid usage

We sell the snow fluid by the liter for $7.99 each, $32 for 5 liters or $119 for 20 liters. This machine has a 20 liter tank and uses alot of fulid. A 20 liter tank will last about 50 minutes on max output. 

The artificial snow is basically small pieces of non-toxic foam that will disappear after a short time on the ground and has the real look of snow fall. The snow fluid will not stain and is 100% biodegradable but will make the floor slippery.

You don't even need to know how to make snow because we have it all ready to rent in a pre mixed compact snow machine available for customer pickup or delivery. Our snow machine comes with a wireless remote control and you can adjust the size of snow flake from fine to heavy from the remote as well as the fan or wind speed.  

It features adjustable wind volume and flow rate with a wireless controller ready to use in 1 convenient road case available for rent in Arizona. The nozzle is truss mountable while control and fluid remain conveniently on the floor making it easy to opperate and refill the snow fluid.

Power Consumption: 1,200W

Output : 400 ml / min or 12 liters every 30 minuets

Tank Capacity: 20 Liter (approx 5 gallons)

wireless controller included
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