51' Skyscraper Water Slide

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Our Skyscraper dual lane water slide is the tallest inflatable water slide in the US standing 51 feet. It's the only one available in US and we have it in stock in Scottsdale, Arizona

Our 51' tall Skyscraper water slide features dual lanes and sends the rider flying in the air at the bottom so be sure to check out the video. If you need a big water slide for an event than this is it

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51' Skyscraper Water Slide

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Minimum space required
  • 70 ' (21.33 m) wide
  • 55 ' (16.76 m) tall
  • 150 ' (45.72 m) long
Be sure to check out all the photos below of this amazing 51 foot tall dual lane water slide. Reserve it now for 2016 before you miss out on the hottest new slide for this year. This dual lane water slide features 2 launch ramps that send the riders flying in the air to the landing bags and its 130 feet long. 

One lane is completely straight down so you experience a free fall sensation before being launched in the air and the other side is very steep and launches you further down the air bag so you can experience 2 different rides on the same slide. This is the most extreme inflatable water slide available and can only be found at Arizona Bounce Around. 

We have this water slide priced very reasonable in relation to the work involved in setting up and taking it down. We make sure all the details are covered so you can have the best experience possible. We offer up to 5 million in Liability insurance coverage with this slide at an additional cost. We include1 million / 2 million in coverage with the listed price.   
We are the leader in giant water slide rentals in Arizona and have lots of summer games and activities for summer parties and events. Add our giant slip n slide or water walking balls to your party 

We have 2 awesome 43 foot tall single lane water slides simular to this one that will fit in big yards or tighter spaces so be sure to check it out. 

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This is the Skyscraper next to our 42 foot water slide
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Giant water slide rental for eventsLook close at the guy on the ground near the center of this giant water slide.
This water slide is so big its hard to get an idea of the size by looking at photos online. When you see this giant water slide in person its simply amazing and will be sure to draw alot of attention to your party or event. Lots of photos below this one so keep scrolling down to see them. 
Worlds tallest inflatable water slide with duel lanes in Arizona
This massive inflatable water slide has easy to climb, no slip plastic stairs perfect for any age group
just like our Hippo water slide but only taller 
worlds tallest inflatable water slide for rent in California
Dropkick water slide rentalsHere is a photo of the 36 foot tall Drop Kick water slide next to the Skyscraper 
Biggest inflatable water slide for rent in New Mexico
Duel lane drop kick water slide rental ArizonaGiant inflatable water slides for parties and events in ArizonaYou'r screen is not messed up. This dual lane water slide is really this big
Big duel lane water slide rentals in Phoenix ArizonaOur Skyscraper water slide features safety steps and hand rails making it really easy to climb. This is a big feature not 
found on any other giant inflatable water slides except our Hippo and Rhino water slides

Giant inflatable water slides for parties and events in CaliforniaThis is one seriouly tall inflatable water slide rental shown next to one of our delivery vans. If you're having a summer party or event with lots of people you should really rent this massive inflatable water slide. This slide will be sure to attract media attention and thrill anyone who sees itOur dual lane 51 foot tall Skyscraper water slide is simply amazing and is only available for rent from Arizona Bounce Around in Scottsdale, Arizona. This slide is so tall we may need to put a flashing red light on top at night so planes dont hit it. 
Worlds tallest inflatable water slideworlds tallest inflatable water slide for rent in ArizonaWorlds tallest inflatable water slide rentalsBoth slide lanes have Zero Shock inflatable landing bags for a super smooth landing every time

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