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Space Requirements for Inflatable Rentals

Every item we rent has the space requirements displayed in US and Metric measurements and it's very important to check these before ordering games and activities. All Inflatables need open space on all sides and room for lines or to enter and exit the game. They also need room in the back for the inflation fan so please don't guess at the size of your location. 

If you fail to properly measure the space and we deliver or attempt to deliver the items there will be nothing we can do at this point and you will still be responsible for full payment. We will not set up the item(s) if it does not fit correctly in the space.

Please property measure as a cubed space meaning that if a branch is sticking out over the space lower than the recommended height you must not include that space in the cube.

We do offer site surveys and CAD drawings for larger events and the price for this service vary and need to be ordered way in advance.

We do not recommend setting up games and activities near busy streets, near lakes or ponds, or around open pools.

Looking at our equipment on your phone or computer is deceiving so please make sure and measure the space with a tape measure or measuring wheel to avoid problems on event day.

If you need help figuring out the right items for your space please call or email our party planners for assistance.

We also need fairly flat level surfaces to set up and operate our equipment so please let our planners know if your area is not flat and level.

We do not provide cranes, helicopters, forklifts, stair climbing equipment, 4 wheel drive trucks, or heavy equipment to deliver the equipment and also need a fairly flat level path from where the delivery truck parks. Some equipment requires us to drive to the setup location with a big vehicle so please make sure to disclose this to us before ordering.

We've actually had customers disregard our warnings and descriptions and wait till the driver arrives with the equipment thinking we can climb mountains, cut trees down, lift dunk tanks and heavy inflatables over block walls, take things apart to fit thru doors, cram things in elevators, and plenty of other crazy, unrealistic things that cant be done.

Arizona Bounce Around has a team of professionals ready to help so please contact us with your needs so we can make sure your party or event goes as planned.