Drop Kick Water Slide Rental

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Rent the Drop Kick water slide for your next summer party or event in Arizona or California

Drop Kick water slide rentals in Arizona perfect for summer events needing a really big water slide for special events

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Drop Kick Water Slide Rental

Starting At:
Call for Great Pricing on this amazing Drop Kick water slide - Summer Specials 2015
*restrictions apply

Minimum space required
  • 73 ' (22.25 m) wide
  • 40 ' (12.19 m) tall
  • 135 ' (41.14 m) long
Our new 36 foot tall Drop Kick Water Slide is a single lane water slide that sends the riders flying off the ramp onto the inflatable landing bag.     

Be sure to check out our 51' tall Skyscraper slide that features 2 slide lanes and 2 landing bags for twice the output and 15 feet taller than the Drop Kick slide. It's like renting 2 Drop Kick Water Slides in the same space with twice the output. 

We also have 2 new 43 foot tall water slides available April 2016 so be sure to check them out.   

This amazing water slide will  be sure to draw a huge crowd, media attention and make jaws drop when you see it. Leave it to Arizona Bounce Around to bring you the biggest rental water slides available in Arizona and California since 2002.  

This slide is 115 feet long and 40 feet wide and did we mention it was 36 feet tall, yea, 36 feet. Just imagine how fast you launch off that ramp on to the stunt bag landing area. 

We have the best selection of water games and activiies for summer parties in Arizona like water walking balls, water ballon games and dunk tanks.

Want to Slide the City? Then rent our Giant Slip N Slide from 225 to 1000 feet of dual lane slip n sliding fun 
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Brop Kick Water Slide Rentals ArizonaOur Drop Kick water slide is an amazing 36 feet tall and 155 feet long including the attached landing bag. This giant water slide will be sure to please at any party or event needing a big water slide.  
Drop Kick Water Slide Rentals AZ, CA
Dropkick water slide rentalsThe Drop Kick slide next to our Skyscraper water slide.
Drop Kick Water Slide Rental Arizona, CaliforniaDrop Kick Slide RentalDrop Kick Slide Rentals Arizona, CaliforniaDrop Kick Water Slidedrop kick water slide rental Arizona

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