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Big Prize Wheel Rental in Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ

with 18 slots. Free standing or table top prize wheels for promotional parties. Our 31" prize wheel you can create your own inserts on any computer in Microsoft Word by using the downloadable templates on this page

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Prize Wheel Rentals

Starting At:
$49.95 / 4 hours
($10.00 per additional hour)
*restrictions apply

Stand: 31"w x 73.5"h x 34"d
Wheel Diameter: 31"
Weight: 14 lbs

Our game wheels are a great eye-catching promotional tool! This freestanding award wheel, also known as a prize Wheel stands six feet tall when its detachable legs are attached and has a wheel diameter of 31".

These Wheels of Fortune can also be used as a tabletop game by removing the lower leg extensions and placing the rubber feet onto the upper tripod stand. The wheel itself is made of durable plastic while the legs are high quality powder coated steel. These game wheels weigh only 14 lbs and can be easily taken apart and transported.

Each game wheel has 18 slots for inserting signage, allowing you to have a wide array of prize options. With our award wheels you can determine your own prizes and create your own inserts on any computer.

The templates are available for download right from the above PDF section. You can produce your own custom inserts in Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator. You can also add your own logo or any other images you like to the center plate.

The game wheels spin easily so they can be used by almost anyone. Promotional prize wheels add fun to any gathering!

prize wheel rental


Prize wheel rental phoenix Scottsdale AZ 



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