Haunted Corn Maze 35' x 40'

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Rent An Inflatable Haunted Corn Maze In Phoenix, Arizona For Halloween & Fall Festivals

Our Haunted Corn Maze is a fully enclosed maze with 23 rooms, filled with fog, black lights, & strobe lights sure to please at any event.

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Haunted Corn Maze 35' x 40'

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Minimum space required
  • 45 ' (13.71 m) wide
  • 10 ' (3.04 m) tall
  • 45 ' (13.71 m) long
 This fully-enclosed Haunted Corn Maze has 1225sf of indoor fun and features 4 doors, 1 large central room and a whopping 22 smaller rooms that easily holds up to 20 people at a time.

Our Haunted Corn maze comes complete with fog, black lights and strobe lights for a really spooky experience. Add some scarry music and people inside to jump out at people and you have a great haunted house perfect for kids and adults.

Order one today before you miss your event date with this awesome Haunted Corn Maze from Arizona Bounce Around. 

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