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Archery games for kids perfect for Hunger Games parties. Our Safe Archery game has safety arrows and comes with an inflatable backstop

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Archery Game Rental - Interactive

Starting At:
$249.00 / 4 hours
($25.00 per additional hour)
*restrictions apply

Minimum space required
  • 15 ' (4.57 m) wide
  • 8 ' (2.43 m) tall
  • 20 ' (6.09 m) long
With the wild popularity of archery in movies like the Hunger Games, Brave and the Olympics we are proud to announce our Soft Tipped Archery game rentals. This bow and arrow game only differs in one way from the real thing: their soft tips. Our arrows feature a big soft tip like a marshmallow so it makes hitting the target much easier. 

We also offer this game as a snowball throwing game for holiday parties and events.

Our inflatable archery game features floating targets and LED lighting at night for that awesome look and can be used indoors or out perfect for company parties or events. This unique archery game comes complete with 2 bows, 8 soft tip arrows, inflatable backdrop, floating balls in different colors and a covered 8' table. 

The LED lights inside make this archery game look amazing at night or in dim lit indoor places.   

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