Cat Rack - Down A Clown Carnival Game Rental

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Rent a Giant Down A Clown Game in Phoenix Arizona perfect for big carnivals and adult parties

Our Giant Down A Clown game is the same one used in professional carnivals and features 12 Clowns and a quick reset by pulling the handle

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Cat Rack - Down A Clown Carnival Game Rental

Starting At:
$149.00 / 4 Hours
*restrictions apply

Minimum space required
  • 6 ' (1.82 m) wide
  • 8 ' (2.43 m) tall
  • 10 ' (3.04 m) long
 We show this game in different setting including a single (12) and double rack (24) in two different inflatables to give you some ideas.

Each Down A Clown game has 12 clowns on one rack   

Our Grand Carnival Booth can hold 2 of these Down A Clown games plus another big game like Break a Plate or Balloon Pop game on a table 

Our giant Down A Clown game needs some type of backdrop to catch the leather balls and that can be one of our inflatables shown, against a wall, or in one of our tents with a back wall installed

We provide 6 leather ball bags with each game to prevent bounce back during play and they arent cheap if lost 
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