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Bag Toss Corn Hole Game Rentals Phoenix - Scottsdale AZ

Corn Hole game Rentals are perfect for parties or events. Whether you rent one bag toss set or multiple sets of bag toss games for a tournament

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Bag Toss Corn Hole Game Rental

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Everyone's favorite backyard game is now available at Arizona Bounce Around. Corn Hole Rentals are the perfect addition to any party or event. Whether you use just one bag toss set for a BBQ or you rent multiple sets of bag toss games for a tournament you are ensured a good time. 

Similar to horseshoes (but safe to be around kids and animals) the bag toss game can be played with 2 or 4 players. If playing with only 2 Players, throw from the same side and then walk to the other side once all 8 bags have been thrown.  If playing with 4 players, you stand across from your teammate (stand on the same side as your opponent). 

To score a point you must either land the bag on the board or make it in the hole. In the hole is worth 3 points and on the board is worth 1 point. However many points the highest scoring team beats the other team by is how many points they receive for the round. 

For example, if the blue team makes 1 in the hole and 1 on the board they would total 4 points but the red team landed one of theres on the board for 1 point so the blue team would score 3 points for the round.  First team to 21 wins!  

Pleases visit Official Corn Hole and Bag Toss Rules to find out tournament rules.  The distance the boards are apart will depend directly on who is playing.

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