Professional Strobe Light Rental

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Professional Strobe Light Rentals Phoenix - Scottsdale

Professional Strobe Light Rental

Starting At:
$34.95 / 4 Hours when Delivered
24 hours when picked up and returned
*restrictions apply

Add more creativity to your lightshow with our LED Strobe light rentals. Our LED strobe light has a built in chase effect that gives the ability to display this strobe bar vertical or horizontal creating chasing white light for a dynamic energy-driven light show. 

Our strobe light offers full DMX control with 4 DMX channel modes, dimming, 1200 BPM strobe speed and chase speed or you can use it as a regular plug and play strobe light. You can also run the strobe light in sound active mode where it goes to the beat of the music automatically or manually control strobe speed and dimming on the back of the strobe light. 

Our LED Strobe Light uses five 5-Watt bright white LEDs and consumes a maximum of 28-Watts of power.

We rent many different dance party lights , Stages, Dance floors and sound systems available for pickup or delivery. 

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