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Wedding DJ IPod Rental in Phoenix AZ

Imagine having an extravagant wedding that is the talk of the year, but on your budget. To a lot of people this may not seem like a realistic option. It is possible though, reducing costs in areas that are as important as the rest could accomplish the same if not more. Reducing the costs on such things as a DJ, lighting, tables and chairs, even a huge inflatable sign out front will allow you to use the extra money on other things.

Renting a DJ can sometimes be costly, especially hiring a well-known DJ. Trying to save money on a less-known, but cheaper, DJ could result in a dull experience. There is an alternative to both of those, an iPod DJ. Becoming more popular by the day makes this a must have at your event. By having the iPod DJ you can ensure every song played is a crowd favorite, making you in charge of the good times instead of a stranger you are paying a lot of money. Whether a playlist is made up prior to the event or Uncle Bob is back there choosing the music, you still get the DJ sound quality. People will often times spend thousands of dollars for a DJ, but why? So the DJ can stand behind the speakers and play the music you like. Companies renting out the iPod DJ have it available for under $300. This includes the same speakers that the $1000 DJ would bring and set up, even include the microphone for the toast or karaoke. This is one simple step that could save money, yet result in a more memorable experience.

Saving money is very contagious once you finally do it. Saving does not need to stop at the iPod DJ, it can continue onto the appearance of the event. Lighting seems like such a small detail for such an important event. Imagine having the dance floor being lit up like your favorite hot spot. Such eye catching lighting could cost thousands and still does not always go with the music. Certain companies rent out light shows that sit on a stand off to the side but places an amazing display of lights and patterns where ever you desire that go along with the music. Our Light shows will attract guests to the dance floor or where they are going off.

Do not stop there with all the money saving. Locating a rental company that carries the iPod DJ, Light shows, tables and chairs, signs, inflatable signs, basically all the essentials will mean big time savings. Not only savings in your wallet but save time and hassle by only having to deal with the one company. Next time someone says they want the extravagant wedding or event but say they can not afford it, first give them a little chuckle, then let them in on the secret that it is possible!

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