Lego Trackless Train Rental

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Our high capacity Gas Powered trackless train rental will hold 18 kids or 12 adults

Our Lego Train features a real train bell and train whistle, padded seats and roof covers over the passenger cars. The bright colors make this trackless train stand out and can be driven on smooth or rough surfaces

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Lego Trackless Train Rental

Starting At:
$599.00 / 3 Hours
($100.00 per additional hour)
Includes Train Conductor
*restrictions apply

Minimum space required
  • 50 ' (15.24 m) wide
  • 10 ' (3.04 m) tall
  • 100 ' (30.48 m) long
 Our gas powered trackless train is a high capacity trackless train perfect for train parties or special events. Our Lego train is a beautiful gas powered trackless train complete with train whistle and a train bell, bright colors and padded seats.

Our Lego train pulls 3 train cars that will hold 6 kids or 4 adults per car depending on the size of each person for a maximum capacity of 18 kids per ride. This trackless train is very powerful and can run all day on almost any flat level surface including thick grass.

This is a gas powered trackless train and can be driven outdoors only so rent it today for your next train or holiday party. What a better way to see the Christmas lights in your neighborhood than on our Lego trackless train.

The operation area must be completely flat and open. We can't drive the train thru crowds, over hills or unlevel terrain.
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