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Swing Ride Rental FAQ's from Arizona Bounce Around

This Kiddy Swing Ride FAQ page should answer most of your questions but remember we are here to help so feel free to call us any time at


We have separate pages with our contact information, weather & cancellation policy, Swing Ride delivery area and privacy policy

Can you help me because I have never done this before?
We are here to answer any questions you have and can even help guide you thru the entire process. We are professional party and event planners ready to help make your party a success. Just call us and say I don’t know what to do and we will help.
How far in advance should I make my reservation?
Our amusement ride rentals are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis and during peak seasons and weekends our swing rides are reserved 1 to 6 months in advance. We suggest you reserve your swing ride at least three to six weeks before your party date for best selection as we occasionally reach a limit on what we can get delivered on certain days. If your party is during Holiday, End of school year, spring or fall festival time we suggest to order as soon as possible because our amusement rides will sell out fast. We may have a swing ride available for last minute reservations so please call us as soon as you are ready to start planning your party or event. We have a big inventory of amusement rides to choose from.
I see other companies also rent carnival rides, what’s the difference?
Since there are many amusement ride manufactures and rental companies available we can only speak for the products we offer. We spend lots of time researching the products we offer to our customers and have a great reputation for always delivering clean quality products. We support that with a great staff and 24 hour support all with the same phone number. We spend lots of time taking photos and videos of our rental rides and post them on our website so you can make a good decision when comparing products. These are actual photos of the swing ride we rent. No clip art or photos stating “colors may vary”
How much space is needed for delivery and set up of the swing ride?
Our swing ride needs a 50’ circle of flat level ground to operate. Since our swing ride is trailer mounted we must be able to drive to the set up location pulling the swing ride. This will require room to turn and maneuver the ride into place. Our swing ride is around 13 feet tall when transported so make sure to check the entire path including vertical height carefully. We need to be able to drive a commercial vehicle down the path with adequate room to turn. A 12’ wide street or path without 90 degree turns is recommended. Please don’t guess when measuring because if it doesn’t fit there will be nothing we can do at that point.
What resources do I need to provide to have a Swing Ride at my party?
After you complete your order with our reservations department we will deliver the swing ride to your location and will require the following things from you. A large enough clear path to the set up area and enough flat level area to set up and operate the swing. Our swing ride comes with its own power, crowd control fencing, entrance and exit gate(s), 1 staff member and carnival lights for night time use. If you would like more staff to manage lines, take tickets or money, help riders in and out of the swings you may order them from us or provide your own staff to help. Our operator will be the one controlling and managing the swing ride. Additional staff must be ordered in advance.
Can kids, teens and adults ride the swing ride? What are the size and weight requirements?
Yes, Our swing ride is suited for kids to adults so it’s fun for the entire family. Our swing has 4 single seats and 4 double seats so adults can ride with their children as long as they can sit by themselves. Our swing ride will be a big hit at any event.
Minimum height is 44’ tall and a maximum of 180 pounds per person.
Can I order your swing ride online without speaking to a reservation agent?
No, We have a very good system for taking and confirming orders and need important information about your party or event to make sure we have all the details covered. We take great pride in knowing exactly what your needs are and making suggestions if needed. If you want to place an order without calling just send us an email with your event date, times, items, contact information and we will take it from there. We will still need to call you for the details.
What type of payments do you accept and when is payment due?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, company checks, personal checks and cash. We accept purchase orders with prior approval for schools only. If you are paying by credit card full payment is due at time of reservation. If you are paying by check you may pay in advance or at time of delivery. Remote locations such as parks must be paid before delivery. We will require a deposit of 30 to 50% if you wish to pay the balance at time of delivery by check. This policy can be modified for certain events so please call us with your needs.
What surfaces can your swing ride be set up on?
Our swing ride can be set up on almost any hard flat surface like grass, concrete, asphalt, dirt, rocks or artificial turf as long as we can drive on it with the tow vehicle. We will use wood blocks under the stabilizer jacks on soft surfaces like grass and rocks if needed at no additional charge. Please discuss this with our reservations agents at time of order.
Is staff or supervision included in your swing ride rental prices? Is adult supervision needed during my party and if so, how many people do I need and can I hire staff from Arizona Bounce Around?
One staff member is included in our swing rental price.
Yes, adult supervision is REQUIRED the entire time the swing is in use. Our staff member will make sure everyone is seated and operate the swing. It is recommended to have additional staff to speed up the process, manage lines, take tickets, check wristbands, etc. at high volume events. Since we include 1 operator having 1 more person is helpful depending on your event. The helper or second person can help people in and out of the seats and manage the line while the swing is in use.
Yes, we can provide additional staff to at a rate of $21.25 per hour. Our staff will work together the entire time. Staff time starts 30 minutes prior to party start time and ends 15 - 30 minutes after party end time. Please call for details on staffing as many things are factored in staff pricing.
When will you deliver and pick up my swing ride? What if I need special arrangements or have limited delivery or pickup requirements?
We start delivering and setting up between 7 am and 1 hour before your event time. We start picking up as early as your party end time and as late as midnight. If you need special arrangements or shorter window for pick up or delivery just let us know. Additional charges are based on what the restrictions are and parks, commercial and remote locations have a different policy. It may be necessary for us to deliver the swing the night before and or pick up the next day depending on availability and event circumstances. This will be more of an issue for early starts or parties that end late.
How late do you pick up and can we keep it overnight?
Our latest scheduled pick up for swing rides is 9pm and varies by season and schedule. We may be able to operate the swing later in some cases so please let us know your event requirements. We pick up as late as midnight or the next day in some cases. This will be discussed at time of reservation. Overnight rentals are available in some cases but a secure area or security is needed as you will be responsible for damage or theft. Please call for overnight or multi day rental details.
Can your swing ride be delivered and used at a city or private park?
Yes and No, The first thing to do would be to call the park and ask them if they allow kiddy amusement rides at the park. You may want to send them a link to our swing ride so they don’t think you are bringing out a full size carnival ride being pulled with a semi truck. Since our swing ride is trailer mounted we must be able to drive to the set up location pulling the swing ride. This will require room to turn and maneuver the ride into place. Our swing ride is around 13 feet tall when transported so make sure to check the entire path carefully. We can also set up our swing ride in the parking lot as long as we are not blocking fire truck or emergency access. We are insured and approved at all City Parks in Arizona. If we’re not on the city’s list just call us, and we can get approvals completed ASAP. We service all City Parks and deliver amusement rides too many private parks but you have to check with the person or office that oversees or manages that park for reservations or permits. In any case you will need to make sure you are able to get a Ramada or space reservations. Some parks are first come, first serve and can be a mess if you arrive and someone else has your area. Get all approvals in writing as most park offices are closed on the weekends and you may have to deal with a park ranger or officer after hours. Private parks should have a sign with contact information or contact the home owners association or development group for details. You will also need to check the sprinkler schedule and insurance requirements for private parks or greenbelts. In most cases privately owned parks and greenbelts are also water retention areas. These areas pose a big problem for deliveries as they are very steep so make sure to let our staff know if you are planning to use a water retention area for your party.
Do your carnival rides come with printed instructions and safety information on or near the ride?
Yes, when you rent carnival rides from Arizona Bounce Around we will provided safety instructions on or near the amusement ride.
Are your carnival rides insured?
Yes, all of our carnival rides are insured with top rated companies specializing in amusement rentals. Our insurance covers accidents related to wrong doing. The renter is responsible for safe operation and enforcement of the provided rules.
Can you provide me with proof of insurance for your carnival rides? Can I be added as an additional insured?
Yes, we can provide proof of insurance at no charge but if you need to be added as an additional insured than charges may apply. Restrictions apply for additional insured certificates so please contact our legal department for details.
Will my swing ride be delivered by an employee covered under workman’s comp insurance driving a commercial vehicle properly insured?
Yes, Arizona Bounce Around carries state mandatory workman’s comp insurance and all of our vehicles are insured with commercial insurance. We are also a commercial motor carrier licensed and regulated by the department of transportation for safety compliance. Not all rental companies carry the types of coverage we do and you may never know unless someone gets hurt on your property and files a claim against you.
Will the employees delivering and operating the swing ride speak and understand English?
Yes, all of our employees are required to speak and understand English. It’s also a requirement of the Department of Transportation driver’s requirements.
What else should I rent to make my party more exciting?
We have so many things to choose from like carnival games, concession machines, entertainers like face painters, magicians, balloon twisters, bounce houses and more, the best thing to do is call one of our professional party planners and tell us your budget or what your ideas are and we can give you ideas based on your needs.
Do you offer any discounts or have any rental rides on sale?
Yes, we always have specials and discounts available and they will be listed on our website. If certain items aren’t on sale we always have party packages and or additional items that have discounts applied when rented together. We keep our prices low and very competitive so rest assured you are getting a great value when you rent from us. We offer the same great pricing to everyone without hidden cost.
I don’t need the swing ride for 3 hours, is it cheaper for shorter rentals?
Yes and No, most of the expense is the administrative planning, scheduling, delivery, set up, take down, equipment cost, maintenance, insurance, and removal. Therefore our rental price is mostly based on those factors. It is more feasible to discount longer rentals than to discount shorter ones.
Is your business located at a residence or commercial location properly zoned for commercial use?
Arizona Bounce Around is located in Scottsdale AZ in a commercial building properly zoned C3 for our use. We have an office that customer can come into and place orders, Pick up and return equipment or just stop in and say hello. Our office is open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm and closed on major holidays. No appointment is necessary. We have a large parking lot, loading / unloading area including a loading dock and can easily accommodate any size vehicle including semi trucks.
Do you own the swing ride or will you be sub renting it from someone else?
We own and operate this swing ride and will be the company delivering and operating the swing. The photos and videos displayed are the actual swing that will be delivered to your event.
Do you deliver carnival rides to my area?
We deliver carnival rides to the entire state of Arizona so please check our delivery area for details. We also rent and deliver to neighboring states like California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

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