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Foam Party Machine Rental FAQ

This Foam Party FAQ page should answer most of your questions but remember we are here to help so feel free to call us any time at


We have separate pages with our contact information, weather & cancellation policy, foam party delivery area and privacy policy

Can you help me because I have never done this before?
A. We are here to answer any questions you have and can even help guide you thru the entire process. We are professional foam party and event planners ready to help make your foam party a success. Just call us and say I don’t know what to do and we will help.
Is the foam slippery?
A. The foam when mixed with water is as slippery as regular water. It is not the same slippery as soap because our unique foam does not have slippery ingredients in it
How do you clean it up?
A. You clean up just like you would water. That's what it is. When having the party outside in a grassy area as recommended there is very little cleanup because the water simply goes into the grass.
Is your foam non-toxic?
A. Our Party Dance Foam Concentrate is non-toxic, eco-friendly and made with food grade ingredients.
Will it stain my grass or floor?
A. Our foam will not stain grass, concrete, tile, etc. We will not pour foam on wood floors as it contains lots of water.