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Winter Wonderland Themed Events in Phoenix Arizona

 Winter is a magical time of the year and a perfect time to have winter wonderland themed events like neighborhood parties, city events, private parties and company Christmas parties.

Arizona Bounce Around in Scottsdale Arizona is a full-service Winter Wonderland event company with a ton of creative games and ideas for the perfect Winter Wonderland party like artificial ice skating rinks, winter snow slides, snow blowing machines, winter themed inflatables and more.

How about a giant human snow globe that has blowing snow inside as you take photos and videos. Up to three or four people can go inside the giant snow globe at a time and they look amazing.

Holiday train rides are a perfect way to see the neighborhood Christmas lights or be a part of a winter parade and we have the nicest trackless trains in Phoenix complete with wood burning furnace, real train bell, and air horn. We also decorate our trackless trains with holiday reefs complete with LED lights.

If you want to blow snow or snow simulators then you just found the best place to rent snow machines in Phoenix. We have a huge selection of artificial snow blowing machines to choose from. Snow machines for private parties or entryways or high power snow machines that blow the snow up to 75 feet high. We even have super silent snow machines for movie sets or winter wonderland themed weddings and the guests will not know where the snow is coming from.

Mechanical Reindeer is just like a mechanical bull but completely themed for winter wonderland events. Mechanical Reindeer are perfect for kids and adults and make for some great photos and video to share with family and friends.

Have you ever seen a snowboard simulator? A snowboard simulator is controlled by an operator on top of a winter themed inflatable ring. A mechanical snowboard is great for kids and adults and makes for some great photos and video.

Holiday photo booths are always a big hit at holiday and Christmas parties and provide holiday borders and give each person a chance to take up to 4 photos that get printed out as photo strips. You can even add logos or messages to the bottom of the photo strips so your guests have something to remember you. Holiday photo booths save every picture on a flash drive so you have a copy of all the crazy pictures of your guests at the end.

Stage and speaker rentals are great for the end of year awards, holiday dance shows, and presentations. Stage rentals come in almost any size and shape so they can be customized for your needs.

Our friends at Arizona Bounce Around will be happy to help you plan the perfect winter wonderland themed party or event so be sure to visit them for more details.