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Western Themed Party Ideas

Planning a western theme party can be fun and simple to put together and a lot of fun for those attending.
Send out invitations with a western theme like a boot background or something with brands or something that looks like leather. You can find hundreds of paper choices online.
Plan an outdoor party, if you have access to a barn or covered building, even better. Make sure you have country music playing in the background. Use western props like straw bales for seating and sawhorse tables. Fill canning jars with sunflowers or wildflowers and tie with a raffia bow. Use bandanas to tie bows or drape along tables.  Have extras to give to guests who need a little umph to their costume. If you have western tack or can borrow some, use bridles, saddles and boots as props to create a more authentic feel to your party setting. Old boots also make fun centerpieces when you put a vase inside with flowers. Make sure you have lots of fun lighting. Use battery-operated candles in punched out tin cans for great accents. You could also use some roping and string cans with lights across entries or over tables. A word of caution  – if you are using straw for seating or decorations at your party please refrain from using anything with an open flame. It catches fire very quickly and the last thing you want is to have the fire department have to show up at your party.
Fun & Games
Entertain your young cowboy or cowgirl guest with an inflatable Wild West bounce house or a western themed mechanical bull. They will have endless fun riding the squiggly ponies or jumping around inside the moonwalk carriage. Encourage everyone to wear their best western duds. Contests could include things like ugliest boot or most unique boot, biggest belt buckle, biggest cowboy hat. Use toy pistols to have a fastest draw contest or encourage guests to join in a yodeling contest.  You could also have a line dancing contest or a square dancing contest.
Serve a simple barbecue dinner with baked beans, corn on the cob, cucumber-tomato salad and fresh watermelon. You could barbecue chicken breasts or steaks or if you are on a tight budget, offer hamburgers or hotdogs. Finish the meal off with platters of brownies and cookies or something all-American like apple pie. Set up a beverage area by filling a galvanized tub with ice and adding individual bottles. You can also fill small canning jars with beverages, screw on the lids and nestle into the ice for a fun self-serve beverage station. Send your guests home with a personalized candy bar at the end of the evening. You can download a variety of fun templates and print them yourself. Most fit on candy bars like Hershey’s.

Western Themed Entertainment

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