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Top 10 Party theme Ideas

Planning and hosting a party is a lot of fun if you have great party theme ideas from which to choose. In doing some basic research here are the top 10 party themes, they are:
10. 1st birthday - This one doesn't really strike some people as a theme although you can play off the #1 as part of the theme. But you can also expand it to anything the birthday child loves, some ideas are animals, favorite T.V. show characters, cars, monster trucks, sports and list goes on. You can match an inflatable bounce house with a related theme or decorate the yard with yard cards.
9. Hawaiian - For fun summer party theme ideas I can't think of any better one than the Hawaiian theme. It's a casual theme with a lot of energy. There are many ideas that could be incorporated with this theme, especially if done outdoors, tikki torches, straw skirts, flowery shirts, and inflatable palm trees are just some of the ideas.
8. Elmo party - What a fun party for the little one. Several generations of children have grown up with Sesame Street and Elmo. CTW.org has lots of ideas that you can use as well as color pages and other ideas to make this party a lot of fun. I’ve also seen a Sesame Street interactive inflatable before, kids seem to have fun for hours and great for the little guys.
7. Western theme party - It's always fun to have the kids come in cowboy gear or make receiving different gear part of the party itself. Kids can play pin-the-hat on the cowboy and reward all the little cow pokes with a cowboy hat. The atmosphere is such a fun one with a western theme.
For the food part of the party it's always fun to have a BBQ, if you're looking for the full meal or make a hamburger cupcake and sugar cookie fries (if you just want to give them a treat.)
6. Princess Party - You would expect this to be one of the top party theme ideas, for what little girl doesn't dream of being a princess. The party idea that stands out for this party is having the girls come attired as their favorite princess.
5. Luau - The main difference between a beach party and a Luau is the food served. When doing a luau the food and entertainment should be similar to what you would find at a luau such as roasted pig, skewers of fruit and flame cooked veggies. 
4. Disco- 50’s, 70's, and 80’s are a great party theme. The colors and rhythm of the party are amazing. The disco ball, laser lights make for easy and fashionable décor. This theme will surely be a hit for groups of all ages, you can find all sorts of decorations and attractions at any party or rental store.
3. Seasonal - Seasonal parties are probably the best attended parties. The most popular of which are Halloween and Christmas. These parties can be themes in and of themselves, and the fact that we decorate for these holidays make decorating for them very easy. Or you can choose a theme from within the holidays such as a Chocolate Halloween Party for teenagers.
2.Pirate – With the renewed popularity of pirates through more recent books and movies. This like the western party can be made ever more fun just by having the crew dress like pirates, then adding an attraction like building or renting a ship like structure, then getting all the little ones involved in a story play.
1. Sweet 16- The sweet 16 has replaced the debutant balls of the past and is one that any girl can have. A sweet 16 party can range from a very formal large gathering to small and intimate. You can use your own backyard and turn it into an outdoor event. Just set up tables and chairs that could be easily delivered to your home from a rental company, and if you can include it on your budget, you can also rent things like a D.J. sound system with lights.