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Kids Firefighter Fireman Fire Truck themed party ideas

1-   "Put out the Fire" Race: Purchased inexpensive squirt guns, all the same size and small yellow light-weight foam practice golf balls. Line the kids up in a row with the "full" squirt gun and a ball in front of each. The kids must move the yellow ball, or "fire" by squirting it with the squirt gun.  First ball across the finish line is winner. Do a practice run to determine how far the squirt gun water will last.  
2-   2-"Fireman Helmet Balloon Toss": Purchased plastic fireman helmets from Wal-Mart. Make 6 water balloons in same colors for each team.  Divide the kids into pairs, one will throw the balloons and one will catch the balloons in the Fireman helmets. Have lines to divide the pairs, which they must stay behind.  The team with the most water balloons caught in the helmets is the winners. This is fun, because the missed throws get the kids wet! Play again and switch the kids, so all can have a chance to get wet.
3-   "Search and Rescue" Game:  Get 9" balloons in 4-5 different colors and blow them up half-way (especially if you are going to do this game outdoors-this will prevent the balloons from popping too quickly). Place 8 balloons (of same color) in 4-5 brown grocery bags.  Split up the kids into 4-5 teams (doctors-white, firemen-yellow, policemen-blue, paramedics-red, forest rangers-green). Dump all the balloons into the center of a large space or room, with the teams on the periphery.  To start, blow a whistle and one person from each team must go out and "search and rescue" one of their color balloons and return it to their grocery bag.  Then the next person on the team goes out to get another balloon, and so on, and so on, until all their colored balloons are returned to the bag.  The team who gets all their balloons rescued the first are the winners. It's great, because the balloons scatter and the kids get to run around and chase them.  We usually have to do this one more than once!  Have some extra balloons ready, in case any pop.
4-   "Pass the Puppy": Buy 1 Dalmatian stuffed animal.  Have all the kids sit in a circle.  With music playing, have the kids toss or pass the "puppy" around the circle. When the music stops, the child who has the puppy is "out".  Continue until you have one winner.  We used the song "Who Let the Dogs Out!" as the music.
5-   5- Everyone young or old loves Bingo. I modified this game to a "Driving the Fire truck" Bingo:  On my Home computer, I made a picture of a big steering wheel with 4 spokes or spaces in it (use cardstock). In each space I inserted 4 circles which contained traffic signs, pictures of emergency vehicles, etc. I came up with a total of 20 pictures and mixed up the symbols/pictures on each card before printing them.  I made larger circles with the same symbols/pictures on them and placed them in a bag. To play, give each kid a game board steering wheel and explain to them that they are going to drive the fire truck and there are lots of things that they need to look out for while they are driving. I pull a picture out one at a time from the bag and they put a poker chip on the same pictures on their wheel. The first person to get all four circles filled in one of the spaces of the wheel is the winner.  When they win, I told them to not say BINGO! But the make a siren sound, instead. They just loved this and I had lots of little prizes, so we could play more than once. 
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