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Inflatable Water Tag Maze Rental - Phoenix, Arizona


Water tag games are super fun for kids of all ages. Portable water tag is just like Laser tag for summer and much more fun if you live in a hot place like Phoenix, Arizona. Water tag mazes come in many different sizes and colors but you want to make sure and rent a big one so it's not to crowded inside and the players have room to run and hide. 

Water tag games are best when setup on grass to keep the players feet cool but it can also be setup on other surfaces like concrete so be sure to let the rental company know what surface you plan on setting up on. 

Childrens entertainment companies like Arizona Bounce Around in Scottsdale, Arizona will carry lots of summer party games and activities like water walking balls, dunk tanks and water balloon games just to name a few so check them out today. 

Summer parties can be lot's of fun if you have activities for all age groups and thats what I like about water tag mazes because kids and adults on every skill level can play this game together or be used as a team building competition.