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Carnival Game Rentals Phoenix

Carnival games really make a party come to life and are a great way to raise money at parties and events. Having carnival games really look good when they are in carnival tents or trailers the same way its done at real carnivals and we have a huge selection of real carnival games to choose from including Break a Plate, Stand a Bottle, Plinko, Milk Can and Milk Bottle knock down games to name a few. 

We have carnival games for kids and adults for birthday parties, school carnivals, carnival themed weddings, fall festivals and more. Almost any place can be decked out with carnival games. Check out the video below of our carnival booth with LED lights.


Carnival games like Bottle Ring Toss are super popular and when you add carnival prizes like stuffed animals better known as "plush" in the carnival business will really generate activity at your game making people spend money trying to win the prize. This can be a big way to make money at your school carnival or fundraiser. Check out the video below of our large ring toss game. 

Carnival games for adults would be things like our Hi Striker game also known as a carnival strong man game or ring the bell game perfect for team building and compititions. Our Hi Striker game has 2 games all together as 1 so 2 players can be going at the same time.    
We have a ton of western themed carnival games like the Rodeo Roper, Bull Horn Ring toss and more. For the circus themed parties we offer Carnival Fun House Mirrors and Wax hands shown below.
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