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Bungee Trampoline Rentals Phoenix Scottsdale AZ, Bungee Jumping

Everyone loves to jump up and down and it starts as a kid jumping on the bed or furniture so it’s no surprise why jumping on a trampoline is so much fun because you can jump really high.
Well, bungee trampolines take this to a new level propelling the jumpers some 30 feet in the air while being controlled by the bungee cords and the operator. Lots of different bungee trampolines are available from permanent mounted ones at amusement parks to the mobile versions that offer 1 to 6 bungee jumping stations.

We have helpful links to party rental companies that rent bungee trampolines in many different styles. Companies like Arizona Bounce Around in Scottsdale AZ rent bungee trampolines and is a full service party and event rental company serving all of Arizona. You can also check with your local mall or fun center to see if they offer bungee jumping.

Euro bungee trampolines can be used at many different types of events from school carnivals to street fairs. They are great at holiday time for malls, pumpkin patches, sporting events, races and many other places.

Euro bungee jumping will draw a big crowd and give your guests an exciting adventure. Promoting your event with activities for kids and teens will be easy by using some of the photos and video available here. If you advertise your event with a kid zone and put photos and video of the bungee trampoline you will help attract people with kids to your event or make it kid friendly.
How much do bungee jumping trampolines cost to rent? Bungee Jumping prices?

Bungee trampolines can be rented for between $200 and $2,200 depending on how many jumping stations and how long your party or event will last. Some party rental companies will also provide the euro bungee at no upfront cost and charge people per jump. You can work out agreements with them directly. 

You can expect to pay between $3 to $8 per jump if you are at a fair or carnival. Each jump will last 1-3 minutes and I’m sure this will vary on the event. Long lines will probably create shorter jump time