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Trackless train rental FAQ's from Arizona Bounce Around

Trackless Train Rental FAQ from Arizona Bounce Around Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ

We have separate pages with our contact information, weather & cancellation policy, Trackless Train delivery area and privacy policy

Can you help me because I have never done this before?

Yes, We are here to answer any questions you have and can even help guide you thru the entire process. We are professional party and event planners ready to help make your train party a success. Just call us and say I don’t know what to do and we will help.

Trackless Train Rental Price or How much does it cost to rent a trackless train?

Our Arizona Express electric trackless train rental price starts at $599.00 plus tax for 3 hours including delivery, setup, operation and removal of the trackless train. The most popular train party is the 3 hour rental, but we can accommodate both shorter and longer events. We have more pricing options available here. Restrictions apply. Pricing depends on several factors so please call, click or come by for details.

Why should I rent a Trackless Train from Arizona Bounce Around?

We are known for having “the cleanest most unique party rental equipment available” and will always deliver the WOW factor to your party or event. Your guests will be amazed at your train party and you can rest assured that clean, quality trains will be delivered as promised. It’s not just a statement, it’s our mission! Our phones are always answered during business hours without voice mail options and we have 24-7 support after hours with the same number. Call us now at 480-874-3470 or check or our online reviews.

Can I pick the trackless train rental times or do you have rental slots?

You pick the party times and we work around your schedule. Normal pricing, delivery and operation hours for trackless train rentals are between 7am and 9pm 7 days a week but we know some parties go later so please call us with your details and we will do our best to accommodate your train rental needs.

What is the latest time we can rent or use your Arizona Express trackless train?

Our latest trackless train pickup is 9pm and may vary during holidays. If you have special requests please call us.

When will you deliver and set up the trackless train?

We Let You Know the Day Before When Your trackless train will Be Delivered and Picked Up Such as "Delivery around 11:15am and Pickup around 8:30pm" So You Can Plan The Rest of Your Day. We Provide Professional train drivers and our employees are Trained, Clean, Courteous, Uniformed Employees Driving Company Trucks.

Can you operate the Arizona Express trackless train indoors?

Yes, The Arizona Express trackless train is fully electric and produces no fumes or noise just like the people trams inside the airport. Our train does not contain oil so it will not leak on carpet or floors.

How much room is needed to set up and operate your Arizona Express trackless train?

We need a pretty big area like a parking lot, field, street or something similar to operate the trackless train. The best way to determine if the Arizona Express train will fit is if you can drive a car on the same route. Our trackless train is much smaller than a car but think about the turning radius and safety when planning your trackless train event. If you need help please call us at 480-874-3470 to discuss your needs.

How much power is needed to operate your electric trackless train?

Our electric trackless train comes fully charged and runs on it's own power with no fumes or gas engines just like an electric golf cart. The only way we would need power is for multi day rentals so it could charge overnight.

How many people can ride on the Arizona Express at a time?

Our Arizona Express electric trackless train can hold up to 22 small kids at a time and can carry adults or older kids but will reduce the per trip capacity. Our trackless trains run better and will carry much more when used on a flat smooth flat surface such as concrete. Thick grass will reduce the capacity and run time.

Does your trackless train have a train horn?

Yes, A very loud air horn. The same horn used on real trains just scaled down to prevent heart attacks when we blow it.

Does your trackless train have a bell that the kids can ring?

Yes, Our trackless train is one of the only trackless trains available that allows the kids to sit in the front engine and can ring the bell. This is a really great feature not found on any other trackless trains available for rent in Arizona.

Is there only one style of trackless train to choose from?

No, We have 4 different trackless trains to choose from including 2 electric and 2 gas powered trains.

Can the Arizona Express trackless train be set to different speeds to accommodate lots of different age groups?

Yes, Our trackless trains can be driven either slow or fast depending on the event and you can always tell the operator to slow down or speed up. We always take it slow during events but some events may require faster speeds like neighborhood Christmas light viewing.

Do I have to set up and operate the trackless train?

No! We will set up and drive the trackless train for you! No need to look at instructions and learn things on the fly, all you have to do is jump on the train and have fun.

Can I operate the trackless train at my event?

No, we will provide the trackless train operator for your event. The trackless train is not a toy and operating it without knowledge of how it works can result in injury to the riders.

Is the trackless train on the website the actual train I will be getting?

Yes. The trackless trains we have online are the trains that we send out for your event.

Can adults ride the Arizona Express?

Yes, The Arizona Express is currently set up to ride adults in the second car because the train cars and engine car are designed for kids only.

Can I rent the trackless train for a church, school or company party?

Yes, we do corporate events, church events, birthday parties, and so on. A trackless train would be perfect for all of these occasions and more. It provides a constant attraction as it’s not just fun to ride, but fun to watch friends, family and coworkers ride on the train.

I am having a Western themed party, would the Arizona Express fit my theme?

Absolutely! Not only is the train a staple of a western themed party, but we also have the western themed props and mechanical bulls that would pair perfectly with it. All you need to bring is a cowboy hat to top it all off! Check out our other western themed party rental items that we have available.