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Mechanical Bull Rental FAQ from Arizona Bounce Around Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ

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Mechanical Bull Rental Price or How much does it cost to rent a Mechanical Bull?
Our mechanical bull rental prices start as low as $399.00 plus tax for 1 hour including delivery, setup, operation and removal of the mechanical bull. The most popular mechanical bull party is 3 hours for $699.00 plus tax. We have more pricing options available here. Restrictions apply. Pricing depends on several factors so please call, click or come by for details.
Why should I rent a Mechanical Bull from Arizona Bounce Around?
We are known for having “the cleanest most unique party rental equipment available” and will always deliver the WOW factor to your party or event. Your guests will be amazed at your party and you can rest assured that clean, quality products will be delivered as promised. It’s not just a statement, it’s our mission! Our phones are always answered during business hours without voice mail options and we have 24-7 support after hours with the same number. Call us now at 480-874-3470 or check or our online reviews.
Can I pick the rental or party times or do you have rental slots?
You pick the party times and we work around your schedule. Normal pricing, delivery and operation hours for mechanical bull rentals are between 7am and 9pm 7 days a week but we know some parties go later so please call us with your details and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
What is the latest time we can rent or use your mechanical bull?
You are the customer so tell us what you need and if we can make it happen we will. Prices may vary depending on several factors but we have a full staff or party planners to help you.
When will you deliver and set up the mechanical bull?
We Let You Know the Day Before When Your Products Will Be Delivered and Picked Up Such as "Delivery around 11:15am and Pickup around 8:30pm" So You Can Plan The Rest of Your Day. We Provide Professional Set Up by Highly Trained, Clean, Courteous, Uniformed Employees Driving Company Trucks.
How much room is needed to set up and operate your mechanical bull?
We have large 17’ X 17’ inflatable bull rings so we require at least a 20’X 20’ flat level area to set up and operate the mechanical bull and the area must have at least a 12’ tall clearance. The 30 X 40 space includes room for the mechanical bull operator, controls and inflation fan. The mechanical bull saddle is about 4’ from the ground and we need room for flying, waving arms and legs.
How much power is needed to operate your mechanical bull?
We require two separate outlets on separate breakers within 80’ (100 foot extension cord max.) of the setup location for our mechanical bull, one to operate the console and the mechanical functions, and another to power the blower for the inflatable bull ring. However, if you find yourself lacking the proper power, or just don’t want to go through the hassle of having extension cords and other things, we offer super quiet Honda generators that will power our bull and inflate the ring with no problems at all.
Does your mechanical bull have a soft head and soft bull horns?
Yes,Our mechanical bulls are some of the finest and safest mechanical bulls available for rent on the market today. Our mechanical bulls are imported from England with lots of safety features like a soft foam head and foam bull horns.
Are the bull horns sharp or dangerous?
No. The horns on our mechanical bulls are made of foam rubber, so they are not sharp at all and won’t hurt if you make contact with them. The bull horns are attached to the soft head with magnets, making them very easy to remove and to put back on in case someone makes contact with them.
Does your mechanical bull have an LED timer or time clock for bull riding competitions or score keeping?
Yes, Our mechanical bull consoles have 2 different large display LED timers. The top one is for the current bull rider’s time and the bottom timer is updated based on the longest bull ride from your event and can be reset whenever needed. This is a really great feature not found on many other mechanical bulls available for rent in Arizona.
Is there only one style of mechanical bull ring to choose from?
We currently have three different inflatable bull rings to choose from. The American Bull Ring is the smallest one, if you are low on space. The Western Bull Ring is bigger, and gives you a nice rodeo theme. The Large 20x30 Bull Ring landing bed is our biggest one.
Can the mechanical bull be set to different speeds to accommodate lots of different age groups, skill levels and weight of riders?
Our mechanical bulls have an automatic and a manual mode. Automatic mode has three different speeds that are preset and progressively get faster and more difficult. The highest speed is reserved for mostly adults, whereas smaller riders tend to be good with the lower speeds. However, it is still up to the rider’s preference, and you can always tell the operator to slow down or speed up.
If you want to take it easy, or for any other reason, manual mode allows the operator to take it as slow as the rider wants, or perhaps a little faster than the low speed, but not as fast as the highest. You can think of it as an “in between” mode that lets the operator accommodate to the riders needs.
How do I ride the mechanical bull?
Our mechanical bull comes with a rope handhold for you to hold on to once you are on. There are many ways that you can ride depending on your style, but here are some general tips: Hold on with your dominant hand. You want to make sure the hand you are going to be holding on with is the hand you are most comfortable with, palm up or palm down is up to you. Use your legs to squeeze on the bull, this will help you to stay on longer. One useful tip is to stay loose and lean in the opposite way of the bull, so if the bull is leaning forward, you lean back. And last but not least, you can use your free hand to balance yourself, not only does it look cool, it actually helps!
Do I have to set up and operate the mechanical bull?
No! We will set up and operate the mechanical bull for you! No need to look at instructions and learn things on the fly, all you have to do is jump on the bull and have fun.
Can I operate the mechanical bull at my event?
No, we will provide the mechanical bull operator for your event. The mechanical bull is not a toy and operating it without knowledge of how it works can result in injury to the rider. Accidentally hitting the top speed on an unsuspecting rider is an easy mistake to make. It is the mechanical bull operator’s job to make sure everything goes by safe and smoothly.
Is the mechanical bull on the website the actual bull I will be getting?
Yes. The mechanical bulls we have online are the bulls that we send out for your event.
Can kids ride the mechanical bull?
Most kids are allowed to ride the mechanical bull. It would be preferred if the boy or girl is able to get on it by themselves, as the younger ones who are not big enough to hop on are generally too young to be on it. Even with the operator there, parental supervision is required and recommended. However, the operator of the mechanical bull will know the correct speed level to put them on, ensuring your child has a manageable ride for his or her age level.
What happens if I fall off the mechanical bull?
The inflatable bull rings that we provide with the mechanical bull are all firmly inflated and very spacious so that you will have a soft landing waiting for you.
Can I rent the mechanical bull for a church, school or company party?
Yes, we do corporate events, church events, birthday parties, and so on. A mechanical bull would be perfect for all of these occasions and more. It provides a constant attraction as it’s not just fun to ride, but fun to watch friends, family and coworkers have their go at it.
I am having a Western themed party, would the mechanical bull fit my theme?
Absolutely! Not only is the bull a staple of a western themed party, but we also have the western themed bull ring that would pair perfectly with it. All you need to bring is a cowboy hat to top it all off! Check out our other western themed party rental items that we have available.