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Summer Party Ideas and Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

Arizona's summer heat is unforgiving when you dont prepare correctly.  The same goes when choosing what to do for your summer event.  Whether you are having a backyard birthday party, corporate team building event, summer school functions, family reunion, or whatever the event may be simply adding a dunk tank rental or inflatable water slide rental could change the outcome of your event.  Arizona Bounce Around has everything from 10' Tropical smaller children water slide rentals up to "The Worlds Tallest Inflatable Water Slide".  Choosing the right water slide rental for your party is as important as having one.  When choosing your slide you have to take into account not only the primary ages of the party but also the highs and lows.  Even though some of the larger waterslides may be more appealling, that does not mean you should put your smaller kids with them.  Same goes for the other side of the deal, saving the $30 to go with the smaller inflatable water slide rental phoenix could not allow your guests to go all out. So be sure to account for all variables when choosing the correct inflatable slide.

Adding little items such as a sno cone machine or slushy machine can also help keep your guests cool.  Everyone likes to have treats for their guests so making them beneficial is important too.  Shaved ice allows your guests to have their treat at the same time as keeping their core cool.  If you are needing an idea to keep the adults at your party what better way than a margarita machine rental phoenix.  The great thing about the Margarita\Slushy machine rental from Arizona Bounce Around is the 2 seperate sides allowing one side for adults and the other side for kids.

Last but not least do not forget the accessories needed for your summer party.  Ice chest rentals, cooler rentals, mysting tent rentals, trash cans, and yard signs.  All these things can help your summer party go smoothly.  Remember just because a party is in the summer does not mean you can not have an outdoor party.  Choose the right items to make your summer event the best ever!

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