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Zip Line Rental, Rent a Mobile Zip Line

Zip lines have always been popular in resort or vacation destinations in wooded or mountain areas for tourist and thrill seekers. In late 2011 several mobile zip lines were introduced at a well know trade show for the attractions and special event industry. 3 major companies had versions of the portable zip line all with unique features.

Portable Zip Line rentals can be a big hit at events because they are new and exciting. The zip lines available for rent are around the same height of about 28 feet tall but have different lengths of zip lines available. Most of the portable zip lines have 2 cables allowing two riders at once depending on total weight. Zip line cables or the distance the rider can go varies between 80' to 220'. You will start to see more portable zip lines at fairs, festivals, school carnivals and city events over the years and can be a real crowd pleaser.

Lots of really good photos and zip line videos are available from Arizona Bounce Around to help promote or advertise a zip line party. Arizona Bounce Around located in Scottsdale AZ serving all of Arizona and neighboring states like Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Southern California with zip line rentals can even help plan your party with CAD drawings and site plans.

You always want to make sure you have the needed space and access for the delivery truck to turn and maneuver the mobile zip line as it is built on a really long trailer and requires wide turns.

Mobile Zip lines can be rented in Arizona for around $1,500 to $2,400 depending on the type of event and the operation times.

Mobile Zip line rentals should come complete with staff to operate, several body harnesses in different sizes, delivered, set up and removal. Some events will require or should have crowd control barriers or fencing around the entrance and landing areas.

Insurance coverage should also be included in these prices with policy limits suitable for your requirements. Organizations needing high liability limits or additional insured certificates should request this before renting a zip line.