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Laser Tag Guns

With Arizona Bounce Around’s Laser Tag System, you can finally have your own intense laser battles with your friends! Designed for ages eight and up, the taggers have plenty of movement and sounds to keep your battles exciting and interesting. Your gun rumbles, recoils, and reloads while you zone in on your opponent and aim for the score.

Fun Lights, Sounds, and Vibrations
To start the game, simply push the side power/game type switch. Be sure to agree on a strength level with all players before starting, because it cannot be changed once the game begins! The two guns are equipped and ready for battle with a rumble pack vibration that lets you know when you've been hit, a recoil feature that is activated with every fired shot, and a force-field style shield that will protect you from any incoming fire! The shield gives you that extra couple needed moments to aim with precision, and help you hit your target with accuracy.

As a side note: We recommend always holding your gun with both hands since they are heavy and could break if dropped repeatedly.
Fun for All Ages
The taggers are colorful and outfitted with so many neat sounds, lights, and vibrations, even the adults will be trying to join in on the intense laser battling fun. The shield is such a great addition to the laser tag guns as well, giving players an extra chance to load up and aim, or get away during a heavy pursuit.