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How to Rent Tables and Chairs for a Big Party, Event or Wedding

1.      Determine the amount of guests that you will need to seat at your party. You will need to determine the amount of people in order to properly determine the amount of tables that you need. If you still do not have an accurate head count, it is best to consider the amount of guests that you have invited. You can always change your order if you need to, once you have a more specific head count for your event.
2.       Ask the party planners that you are working with to call Arizona Bounce Around. Most people who work in the event business use Arizona Bounce Around for the rental supplies needed for a special party or event.
3.       Look online for "Party Rentals" to see what other local companies have tables for rent. Write down the names and contact numbers for each company so that you can call later to see if they have the type and quantity of tables that you need available for the day of your party.  
4.       Call each company individually and let them know what you need to rent. You should be specific about the style of the tables, as well as the amount of people that you need to accommodate. The companies will be able to make recommendations to you based on the headcount that you provide.  
5.       Choose the most reliable company that has the type and quantity of tables and chairs that you need for your party or event. Reserve the tables so that you are sure that they will be available for pick up or delivery on the day of your event. Be sure to check the company’s online reviews.
6.       Change your order closer to your big day if your guest list has dwindled down, and you do not need as many tables as you originally ordered from the rental company. The company will be glad to change your order for you.