Drive by Foam Party

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Have the coolest Drive-by Party in Phoenix with our Mega Foam Cannon

We will drive up to your place and instantly start shooting foam. We bring everything needed for up to 30 minutes of instant Foam coverage. We will need water for parties longer than 30 minutes

Surprise the kids or the neighborhood with a drive by Foam party

Drive by Foam Party

Starting At:
$399.00 / First 30 minutes
199.00 each additional 30 minutes
*restrictions apply

If your looking for a cool drive by birthday party idea in Phoenix Arizona then our Instant Foam Cannon with surely be a big hit. Our drive-by foam experience includes contactless delivery and no setup or utility requirements from the customer.

We drive up and start spraying non-toxic foam right away making this the perfect birthday party, surprise party, or neighborhood hit. Our mega Foam Cannon has the power to spray up to 30 feet in the air and 50 to 60 feet of diagonal reach. Wind will drastically affect the blowing foam and in some cases will cause the foam to blow down the street.

Since it's designed for residential parties the foam cannon is mounted on the right side of the trailer. We deliver this with one driver and one foam cannon operator so we can start spraying before the van stops. We do require adult supervision to keep the kids away from the moving van and a safe distance away from the blowing foam while in use.

We will not drive in tight spaces, back the trailer down roads, driveways, or go offroad with our equipment. The equipment can not be removed from the trailer and is priced to pull up on a quiet residential street and start spraying. If you require a different delivery method you must provide this at the time of reservation and the details must be clearly described on your paid invoice.

We will not stop on a busy street, block traffic, or operate in or around dangerous situations. Since the foam covers the ground please make you you check the area carefully for hazards such as holes, ditches, rocks, curbs, etc. before ordering this service.

Even though the foam looks like clouds it is not safe to jump in or turn the area into a giant slip and slide. We require adult supervision at all times to manage the kids or the kids to manage the adult's LOL.

We have different foam party options including foam pits and smaller foam machines that can be set up so have a look around.
Drive by foam parties Phoenix Arizona